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Our unwavering commitment is to tirelessly champion your cause, ensuring that you can channel your undivided attention towards your most pressing concerns and objectives. We firmly believe that you should never accept anything less than the full

In a world where complex legal and insurance systems often seem overwhelming, we are here to serve as your dedicated advocates, navigating the intricacies of the process on your behalf. We understand that the language of insurance policies can be dense and confusing, and the claims process can be riddled with challenges. Our mission is to be your trusted partner, simplifying these complexities and advocating fiercely to secure the compensation and support you deserve. extent of what you are rightfully entitled to from your insurance company.


RK&M Claims Consulting Inc .

Our services extend to fire, flood, weather-related incidents, plumbing issues, and more. We encourage you to reach out to us promptly, so we may assist you in securing the compensation you rightfully deserve. As a local agency serving Cape Coral and the surrounding areas, we understand the unique challenges our community faces. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or contractor, we customize our services to meet your specific needs. It is our purpose to negotiate with your insurance company for a higher and more appropriate payout!

Wind Damage

It's important to understand what is covered - and what isn't - due to a roof leak.


Fire Damage

When you've lost everything in a fire, the last thing you want to worry about is battling your insurance.

Claims We Specialize In
Water Damage

Water Damage

Call us after water damage for advice on what to do before making a claim.


Denied Claims

Offered Less Than needed to repair damage or Deemed Under Deductible


Navigate Insurance Claims with Confidence

At RK&M Claims Consulting, our team of skilled Public Adjusters specializes in connecting homeowners with their insurance providers. We are committed advocates, passionately fighting for your claims. Our unique selling point is our unwavering dedication: ‘Our success hinges solely on YOUR success.’ There are no hidden agendas or complex clauses – just a genuinely FREE assessment of your home damage, no obligations attached.


Ron DoorenBos
Ron DoorenBos
I would highly recommend them. They were very responsive and didn't stop at the first payment from my insurance company. They refiled and got me another check for more that I expected.
Amanda Clewis
Amanda Clewis
Richard did a great job for us after we had previously been denied by our carrier. We were a little hesitant to even use a Public Adjuster but felt it was either a PA or a lawyer and we had learned from experience just how long lawyers can take so we went with PA. He handled the entire process for us and came and did an inspection, he found damage that even my husband and I had missed! Apparently he even knew the inspector and they got along (my husband and the previous inspector butted heads) which seemed to help and maybe sped things along because we got our check shortly after and were able to get our vacation home back to beautiful. In the future we will never file a claim without RK&M and highly recommend Richard Redd of RK&M to anyone affected by a storm.
Gina Ferrer
Gina Ferrer
Great company. I would highly recommend this hard working dependable quick and responsive PA for all of your claim needs. They did a fantastic job in handling my file.
Aliscia Starchman
Aliscia Starchman
Very efficient and communicative. Handled my claim with care and professionalism. I would highly recommend RKM and the team for any of your PA needs!
Brandi Ulrich
Brandi Ulrich
RK&M did a great job with my claim. Great customer service quick response and great communication I would highly recommend going to for all your PA needs!!!!!!!!
Lisa Lynch
Lisa Lynch
I think James was very good. He was very caring and tried very hard to make sure my mother was taken care of. I think they ended up with a good settlement on your claim. Concerning how difficult it has been to navigate through the insurance industry these days. Thank you
Charles Smith
Charles Smith
Best service I could’ve asked for. The insurance originally provided a repair estimate of a couple thousand dollars. After signing with RK&M I was able to get the roof, lanai, siding, gutters, and interior paid for completely. Best service ever. Quality people that are there for you.
Theresa Wiggins
Theresa Wiggins
The professionalism of this company goes far beyond all others. If you want integrity, experience, knowledge, and the best ... you want RK& M. Richard and Kristen put their heart and soul into their work. Their dedication to the client goes a step above and beyond.
Michelle Casper Cartwright
Michelle Casper Cartwright
Very professional, attentive and eager to please. Hands down the best claims consulting team around! RKM took care of everything and made my life easy! 10/10

How Do Estimates and Appraisals Work?

Home and business owners often find themselves at odds with their insurance companies when it comes to assessing the extent of damages and repair costs after a loss. When negotiations with the insurance company reach an impasse, you have the option to demand appraisal. This provision, typically found in insurance policies under “Conditions” or “What to do after a loss: allows you to enlist two impartial, third-party appraisers to evaluate the damages and settlement amount. If you’re unsure about invoking this clause, our specialists can assist you. By exercising your right to appraisal, you can reach a fair resolution when agreement with the insurance company seems elusive. Your appointed appraiser will guide you through the process and keep you informed every step of the way.

Expert claims adjuster

Why choose RK&M?

Trusted Results

Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that you can always rely on us for dependable, top-notch outcomes you can trust.

We Get Paid Only if You do

Rest easy knowing that our success is tied to yours, aligning our interests to maximize your financial benefits.

Quick to Respond

Your time is valuable, and so is our dedication to prompt, efficient service that won’t keep you waiting.

Experienced Public Adjuster

Benefit from the seasoned expertise of our highly experienced public adjusters, who bring years of knowledge to your unique situation.

Easy Communications

We make it effortless for you to stay in the loop and connect with us, ensuring smooth and hassle-free interactions every step of the way.

Easy & Fast Results

Our team of public adjusters will expedite the handling of your case while ensuring maximum convenience for you.

Contact Us

Starting the process is simple. Just reach out to us via phone or complete a form to arrange an appointment for evaluating your property damages and reviewing your policy coverage.


This is the point at which the insurance company dispatches their in-house adjuster to draft an estimate on their behalf. This marks the commencement of negotiations, and we handle this entire process on your behalf.

Evaluation & Filing

We schedule a property assessment at your convenience, ensuring it aligns with your preferred date. Subsequently, we initiate the claims process with your insurance company, submitting the necessary forms and our damage estimate.


A fair allocation agreement will be established, typically resulting in the insurance company sending a check by mail to both you and your Public Adjuster (PA) to cover your damages and expenses.

Recover Lost Business Revenue

When unforeseen events, like a damaged roof, disrupt your business, it's crucial to seek compensation for your losses. We specialize in assisting businesses like yours to navigate insurance claims and recover the revenue you deserve. Discover how our expertise can get your business back on track.

Loss of Business

Financial Compensation

Insurance Claim

Swift Recovery

Expert Team

Rebuild and Expand

Trustworthy Partners

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